Monday, 7 November 2016

5 Common Mistakes to be Avoided in Mobile Web App Development

Mobile app is a very powerful and effective way for businesses. By using apps we can build strong and long lasting relationships with customers and clients. As top mobile application development companies, who has helped clients get their app ideas into the app store and developing our own apps. App developers may unintentionally end up making some small mistakes in the process of development. The smallest mistake can pose huge problems and risk. There is also the loss of valuable time. It is important to know what these mistakes are:

  • Developing App for Your Device Only :
A mobile web application is viewable by users around the world. So, do not develop your mobile application for your device only. Try to develop your app which supports all devices. After developing your application to test it on multiple devices.

  • Avoiding Browser Compatibility Issues :
At the time of development process many developers failed to decide what kind of browsers a web app must support. First, you have to research on what kind of browser are used by the targeted audience. Then try to build an app in such a way that is compatible with all browsers.
  • Blocking Main Thread :
The purpose of the main thread is keeping the user interface responsive. If we block the main thread the app will not respond and this will force users to give negative feedbacks. Never block the main thread it destroys the flow of application and user may be frustrate.

  • Not Understanding Bitmaps :
Bitmaps helps to load images into the memory before displaying it on the screen. Without understanding of bitmaps we use images it will take more time to load. It is still a good idea to understand Bitmaps and figure out the width and height that gets the image small enough to fit on the screen before displaying them on the screen.

  • I Write My Own Code :
There is already written, tested and widely used codes are available so never try to write down your own code to communicate with your server. If you use your own code it may introduce errors in your code, it's better to use predefine code in the application.

A successful mobile app strategy can make your business. We have seen some common mistakes in app development, which ultimately leads to complexities. The developer must avoid those mistakes while web app development, otherwies it span from failing to maintain consistency throughout the lifespan of an app.

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