Monday, 12 December 2016

8 Most Important Things in Website Design

You want to develop a website, such way stands out from the crowd. Use the following important things on your site If you have a small business, design website for that because by using the website, we can do great advertising and also make a money from it. This article tells you important things in website designing and you can also do affordable web application development.


If you want to make a good website then you have to concentrate on following points:

  1. Decide Your Website’s Objectives :

Before creating your website ask yourself why you want this website and what you want from it. List out all the objective don’t jump straight to design a website, you need to clear on what you want to achieve otherwise you will be confused and waste your time it leads to be a failure.

  1. Focus on Target Audience:

Target audience is the necessary because once you know your target audience you can provide unique content according to their need, you also know where they go for getting information and you can promote your data there. If you know who will be coming to your site, you can design your site according to them.


  1. Provide Simple Navigation

By using menu and submenu in your website user will easily understand the flow of your site. Navigation menu contains links, avoid to using so many links in your navigation bar. When you use simple navigation user will quickly reach to the point. Use standard style for navigation.

  1. Responsive Website Design:

Responsive web design means a website layout changes according to screen size and respond to the platform. It also helps to improve your page rank.Responsive web design support multi device user and future scalability. Content and pages are automatically flexible.

  1. Use Unique and Relevant Content

Use the content which is not published online before and relevant to your website. Duplicate content will be decreasing your page ranking. If you need high quality content use unique and error free information. You also have to add your own opinion in your content. Make your content actionable and add images engaging content will help to improve the page rank.

  1. Make Use of On Page SEO:

By using on page SEO we can earn more traffic to our website. In on page SEO you can use different meta tags in your html pages. Give a different title for each page, add images with ALT tag, use heading tag, make SEO friendly URL and SEO friendly navigation. You can also add an xml site map.

  1. Add Contact Information Page:

Contact information form helps you to interact with people online. Include Physical address, social media links, email address link, interactive maps, descriptive direction, phone number. By using the contact us form people can ask their query about your product.

  1. Make Use of Typography:

  Typography means a technique to style, arrangement, and appearance of the letters      and make it readable when displayed. typefaces, point sizes, line lengths and letter spacing all are included in typography. If you use typography your text format will be attractive and viewers will stop and view.


             To design website, simply having the necessary technical skills, and focus on above key element. Responsive design has become the new web standard so, make your website responsive. If you include above all things in your business website then you can provide best web design and development services to your customer.


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